Since the late 80’s and early 90’s companies competition was not only for better performing models and public appealing designs but also who is going to sign more talents and stars from pretty much all sports.

One of the first basketball stars that Reebok signed and created a signature shoe for was Dee Brown. The Boston Celtics player won the 1991 NBA All Star Dunk contest with his famous “eyes covered” dunk. Now Dee had a contract with Reebok for a good few years before that, but he did not have his own signature till all that cameras catch him pumping his Omni Zone ll’s minutes before his winning dunk. That definitely helped Reebok with their Pump It Up campaign and ultimately Dee Brown to receive his epic signature in the next NBA season.

In season 1992-1993 Reebok introduced the Pump D-Time, the first and sadly the last signature kicks that Dee Brown received. The model was one of the first produced under the newly created Above The Rim series and it featured the signature bright orange Pump and Hexalite in the hill, the outsole was an image of the dunk moment when Dee was covering his eyes with his arm, same image but much smaller was the back pull tab for the shoe. There was three different colorways, Black/White, White/Blue and Grey/Black. The materials used in the Black/White pair were nubuk upper, for the most part, black and white synthetic mesh plus white synthetic leather for the Reebok’s vector logo. The White/Blue  and Grey/Black pairs were made almost completely with leather, excluding the same mesh but in different colors under the upper in both lateral and medial sides and hill portion as well. The only issue that this model had in my humble opinion was the use of a very dense EVA for the midsole and the bottom loaded Hexalite in the hill, instead of top loaded like in most late models.

Dee Brown was not the only one actually that rocked the shoe in the association, other Reebok stars also took the advantage to play in this new and highly performing model, players like Dominique Wilkins, Muggsy Bogues, Vinny Del Negro and others, of course with their own PE’s and team colors.

D-time was re-released several times in the last few years, but unfortunately never in its original form, hopefully Reebok will some day.

Please stay tuned from more Reebok history.

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