1994-1995 NBA season was arguably one of the best when it comes to sneaker releases, designs and signatures. That season was also the one to mark the first and most memorable, at least for me, signature made by Reebok for one of my all time favorite power forward players Shawn Kemp. The Reebok’s Kamikaze l was such a radical design and a very big departure from what we were use to see from pretty much all the companies at that time, actually if a person didn’t know that Kemp has a contract with Reebok would have had a hard time to recognize the shoe. The vector logo was very small and placed on the lateral side only close to the heel area of the kicks, the upper colorway is hard to describe even today, the base looked like it was made out of leather, but you can’t really see it, because of the black and green nubuk overlays on top of it, that were shaped in such form that the only part of the white leather underneath can form a zig-zag pattern throughout the whole shoe and extended down to the midsole and outsole. Actually even since I saw it for the first time it kinda reminded me of an alien that jumped over Shawn’s kicks and was just holding tight there and not agreeing to let go. The cushioning was only done by Hexalite in the heel area, there was no Pump or Graphlite, which was a little bit of despoilment for me, but I could live without them, the design was so great in my mind, I just did not care about the rest. Kemp was rocking a PE pair that actually had his name written on the lateral side as well close to the top of the shoe. At that he was just a monster and the name Kamikaze was very appropriate for his stile and monster dunks he was pulling left and right on pretty much every star the the Association. The rest of the original colorways for the Kamikaze l were, the Black/White, Red/Black and Navy/Black. We can expect all those OG colorways to be released some time at the beginning of next year.

Many people consider his second edition the Kamikaze ll to be the best looking, but I think otherwise, for me it was always the first, it was something unseen at that time, something that was instantly recognized when he had them on the court or someone else out on the street. Growing up around that time I could never afford to buy a pair, it was just too much money for my parents and had to live with only looking at them in the store or watching the Sonic’s games on TV and hoping the camera men will show Shawn Kemp’s feet.

Luckily for all of us fans that have been waiting for the return of the original Kamikaze, for almost 20 years, the wait is finally over.  On January the 17th Reebok is releasing the first original colorway which is also known as the Sonic’s colorway, the White/Black/Racing Green. Reebok and all of their retail partners will have the shoe up for sale for $115, at the moment there are a few sites that are doing pre-orders and if you are impassioned like I am, you can have yours locked down. Now there are some small changes that Reebok mad for this new release, the vector logos are all one color green, instead of green and white, the toe cap is green and black, back on the original was all green, and the outsole oval that surrounds the logo is black and not green like on the original pair, last thing worth mentioning is the inner liner, in my humble opinion the original one was better, the new one seems a bit cheaper and kinda thin. Anyway all those differences are minor and are not bothering me at all.

My self, I already received my first pair straight from the source, but sure enough I will cop a few more in January, you never know when Reebok will retro them again…

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