As I was telling the story earlier, early 90’s was a very exciting times when it comes to innovation in sneakers technology and design. Along with their basketball series, Reebok have created some of the most memorable and distinctive kicks of their time and they were specifically created for some of the best players at the time and now legends of the game.

It is really hard for me to put someone as first in that list, so I am just going to list them in the order I remember them back in the old days as they started playing in the shoes and advertise them. Now, important thing is to remember that not all players that were rocking the Vector back in the late 80’s and early 90’s actually had a signature created specifically for them, in fact there were only a handful of chosen talents that had something special made for them and their own needs.

I will start with D-Time, a model created for Dee Brown an year after he won the 1991 NBA All Star Dunk contest with his famous “eyes covered” dunk.

The model was one of the first produced under the newly created Above The Rim series and it featured the signature bright orange Pump and Hexalite in the hill, the outsole was an image of the dunk moment when Dee was covering his eyes with his arm, same image but much smaller was the back pull tab for the shoe. There was three different colorways, Black/White, White/Blue and Grey/Black.

D-time was re-released several times in the last few years, but unfortunately never in its original form, hopefully Reebok will some day.

Second comes the Reebok Pump Shaq Attaq, in 1992 Shaquille O’neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic and in addition he sign a contract with Reebok. His first signature sneakers came shortly after that and till today, arguably, they are the best looking ones. The Shaq Attaq was in Orlando colors White/Black/Azure and the second colorway was all Black/Azure, which in fact Shaq never wore in official games.  The Attaq was the very radical design for its time, it featured Graphlite, which was a Reebok’s version of carbon fiber, and Pump in the midfoot area. The implementation of Graphlite was not only a great way to bring the shoes overall weight down, but in addition provided an extra hill support for the players.

For the first time after 20 years The Shaq Attaq was re-released this year, which also marked the return of the Big Diesel with Reebok, so hopefully there will be more retros to come.

Third in my improvised list comes Shawn Kemp, by the year of 1994 Kemp has proven to be one of the most dominating forwards in the NBA and it was only natural that he was finally treated with his own signature, despite the fact that he was with Reebok for a good few years before that. But what a start for a signature that was, with the birth of the Kamikaze Kemp’s or Kamikaze l, how most of the people call them today, one of the most beautiful and creative designs was introduced to the public. My self, I remember seeing them for the first time, and I was blown away, they looked like an alien was attacking his feet and was making him dunk over everyone 🙂 There were four original colorways created for the mid cut version and several more for the low version, Black/White/Green, Black/White, Black/Red and Black/NavyBlue. The tech used was top loaded Hexalite in the hill. Luckily for all the Reebok heads and people that love the model, they are all set to re-release next year, starting with the original Sonic’s colorway on January the 17th.

Stay tuned for more history of the Reebok signature lines.


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Pump Shaq Attaq

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Kamikaze l

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