This particular edition of the Pump Omni Lite, I noticed earlier this year in a few promotional parties and videos that Reebok was trowing for other sneaker releases and knew very little about it. I only knew that they are going for the whole vintage look, including the slight yellowing on the midsole, stitching on the tongue instead of just painting Reebok and Basketball, like on some of the other earlier releases, actual mesh around the top of the ankle area and some other minor changes.

Now the Japanese site Atmos are having it posted for release on 10th of January next year for around $170, and don’t get upset about it, we know the prices in Japan are much higher than the ones in the US, we expect them to be the same $115, just like on the pairs released earlier this month.┬áStill no word on possible US release date, but we will update you once the information is available.

v60184-2 v60184-1


Source – Atmos