Previously known as “Cement” or Brick City”, we now have the official name from Reebok of this particular version and it is the Kamikaze ll “Trail Blazers”. It was Reebok’s original intent to name and color them after the Portland Trailblazers team as Shawn Kemp spent a very short time with them back in the day.

Based on my calculations that has to be colorway number 26 for this year! 26 and we have 2 more at least by the end of the year, I think Reebok went full on with the Kamikaze ll’s and at least are holding the record on number of colorways for one year, just when I was thinking Jordan V’s had many colorways released in the year of 2013.

As we reported before The “Trail Blazers” Kamikaze II will have a white/black/red colorway, highlighted by grey speckled paneling, a glossy red and an icy clear outsole. Cushioning is as always Hexalite in the forefoot and the hill.

The release date is still December the 13th and they will be sold via and all of their retail partners.

Price will be $100 as previously reported.

reebok-kamikaze-ii-trail-blazers-04 reebok-kamikaze-ii-trail-blazers-02 reebok-kamikaze-ii-trail-blazers-06 reebok-kamikaze-ii-trail-blazers-05 reebok-kamikaze-ii-trail-blazers-01