Ray Allen Christmas PEs! Air Jordan 16 & 10 Images

Well this is a first that I remember, we get to see not only 1, but 2 Air Jordan PEs for Ray Allen!  The Air Jordan 10 (X) we saw earlier in the week from Ray Allen when he was signing autographs at a local mall event.  But Sugar Ray surprised us with these Air Jordan XVI PEs in Green and Red!  This lets us wonder, will we be seeing new Jordan 16s produced in 2014?  It has been rumored that we will be seeing the Jordan 16 in 2014, but I have also heard this could be a shoe that is very expensive to manufacture, so if we do actually see a Jordan 16 in 2014, it will be a blessing from Jordan Brand!  Be on the look out, looks like 2014 will be another epic year!

air-jordan-10-ray-allen-christmas- air-jordan-10-ray-allen-christmas-1 air-jordan-16-ray-allen-christmas air-jordan-16-ray-allen-christmas-1


Source: jumpman23