Raffles Were Rigged For Oregon Ducks Foamposite One?


We already know sneaker programs (bots) are ruining people’s chances to purchase sneakers on a weekly basis.  For those that don’t know, these programs are so fast that it is near impossible to score a release, especially when they are limited.  They come in all different types, a simple “add to cart” bot where once you click the link, it automatically adds the sneakers to your cart and you can check out.  You can have a version that actually grabs the twitter link and then opens the window also, automatically.  then once open, the other bot adds to cart.  Then there are RSVPs bots for the Nikestore releases. every thursday they usually happen and you have to pay a service to “secure” your pair of sneakers in your size and name. Sometimes this service can cost you up to $200 that you have to pay them just to get your size for RSVP.  This process uses an “image recognition” style software where it can decipher the hidden code before you can even click on the link.  Also we have people who can generate or have access to the Nikestore links BEFORE the 8am EST time and basically can check out before you even get to see the link.

Now those are all known issues for the most part, and shows there are many corrupt ways to prevent you from being one of the few to pick up a pair of sneakers.  Just check instagram on release day and see how people post pictures displaying dozens of shoes they copped from launch: BRED Jordan 1s, Gamma Blue 11s, etc.  But now we are hearing of another level of corruption.  HOH employees have been caught rigging the raffle for the Oregon Duck Foamposites giving 1 person 11 of the 19 pairs available from the store.  This is just the 1 store that got caught, can you imagine how often this happens?

So the question is, how can we have sneakers releases occur in a fair manor?  Raffles rigged, online methods rigged with bots and early links for Nikestore,  RVSPs from nike rigged with bots.  The only way that seems fair would be Camping out almost.  The way I suggest is a live raffle the morning of the event so everyone can see.  Time consuming,  but at least this may be more fair overall.  Thoughts?


Info Per Icysole:


“So as we all are aware that the Nike Air Foamposite One Oregon Ducks PE drops on 12/30 at select House of Hoops, FootLockers and Nike.com for $250. As with any super hyped release you can expect some foolishness to occur. King Of Prussia House Of Hoops FootLocker is doing just that. The store manager is Chris and the manager directly under him is Tom. They both rigged this raffle for a Philadelphia Area reseller Mike C., also known on Instagram as PhillySneakerKing and on eBay as mikec0104. No clue of his Twitter handle. He recently had 11 pairs of the Oregon Foams on his ebay account for sale, word travels fast and he quickly deleted them. Screenshots never lie. This particular FootLocker only received 18 pairs, 11 of them are going to him. King of Prussia House of Hoops has always been the center of unwanted attention for rigging raffles / sneaker lotteries, I am a regular customer of this store and I know first hand what goes on. This info will also be passed along to a FootLocker Representative I deal with.”



FootLocker-Ducks-Foams FootLocker-Raffle-Rigged FootLocker-Rigged-Raffles

via Icysole / TSG