Are The Oregon Duck PE Jordan 5s Really Releasing?

So I wanted to write this article since we have heard recently that the Air Jordan 11 Doernbecher sneaker is officially not happening, it got me thinking.  I wanted to check around and see if this information regarding the Air Jordan 5 Oregon Duck release is actually going to happen or not?

Now I know that this information was “leaked” and every source kept pointing back to icy  but my question is, where did they get their info from?  I am not trying to discredit them regarding this info, but I think we are in a day and age where we can’t jus believe something we are told because someone says it.

So the main question I get is “well if they are releasing the Foamposite Duck PE, they are probably releasing the Jordan 5 PE”.  But think about it, have we seen a player release of the Foamposites? Have we seen any Oregon players post that they got them?  No, but they did do this for the Jordan 5 PEs, correct? So my answer to this question is the Foampostes will probably be a quick strike, similar to the Oregon Duck hats, jackets etc.  The Jordan 5s though will remain a true player exclusive shoe.

What about the 88 Black Cement Jordan 3s? Did those drop?  What about the Lightning 4s for black Friday? Did those drop?  I am hearing from a reputable source that there is no info on these shoes publicly dropping.  So for my predictions as of now?  These will NOT be hitting the public shelves.

The last couple years we have see the Oregon Duck Football and Basketball teams gifted some amazing PE shoes, Air Jordan 3s and 4s.  Why would they decide to make a release of the Jordan 5s?  They were limited to about 300 pairs from what I know, and that was it.  Rumors of a couple thousand pairs releasing in a quick strike though I just can at believe unless there is a fake production run of these like there has been for the Oregon Duck 3s.

I am expecting some people to call me out on this, and thing I don’t know what I am talking about, that is fine!  Nothing is set in stone, someone important can come along and say make this happen or all internal teams haven’t spoke about the outcome of this release, who knows!