Nike KD 6 “Nerf” First Look?

Not sure if these are the real deal or not, dont get all hype beast on me now, but here are some images of what look like a KD6 (KD VI) “Nerf” colorway.  Now The KD IV Nerf shoe was and still is probably the most hyped up KD we will ever have had, that mini Nerf hoop it came with was crazy!  So do you think that these will cause the crazy that the KD IVs had?  I say not a chance.  These are being rumored as a “Energy” Colorway, not sure what this means yet, more sneaker info to come on these wild colored kicks.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.31.06 PM



The Nike Doernbecher Free Run by Jake this year was also a Nerf inspired colorway but because the hype didn’t hit and there was no Nerf accessories, the shoes can be found at about retail still, I think thats a great thing.  Those that actually appreciate the shoe can have access to it.



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