Diamond Supply Co. isn’t the only company releasing an INSANE collab in 2014! With the recent pics of the Tiffany Dunk High getting all the press, pics of a Premier x Nike SB Dunk High surfaced on Stashed Boxes and went somewhat unnoticed by the larger public, but these are just as, if not better than (which they are!), the Tiffanys! From what we can see, the Premier Dunk High sports (takes a deep breath): a metallic/possibly 3M swoosh, different shades of grey wool along the back, (which is where the capital P is stitched in), toe area, and toebox , a 3M print that can only be described as funky along the back panel, black midsole, icy blue sole, wool inner lining and tongue, Premier tags on the tongue of the shoe, 3M laces, AND finally, custom graphic insoles with that same funky print. Releasing sometime in 2014, these will be a MUST-COP for me and any fan of Dunks!

As always, as more info comes in we here at Collective Kicks will update y’all!

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Source and pics via- Stashed-Boxes