Lebron Twists Ankle In Lebron 11 (Video)

ankle roll lebron1

This is painful to watch.  Lebron is finally getting some game time in with the Nike Lebron 11 sneakers, and this was unfortunately the results, him twisting (rolling) his ankle.  This shoe has been problematic to Lebron this season and he has resorted back to the Lebron 10 and 10 Elite. Hopefully we will hear something soon about a “Lebron 11 V2” or a “Lebron 11 Elite” for his sake.  I personally am a fan of the Lebron 11s however, owning 6 pairs to date including 2 Nike ID versions.  I don’t play basketball in them though so I dont need to push the limits of the performance.

Here is the ankle role in action:

Here is Lebron’s reaction form the incident.


Source: likemikeclothing