Kicks of Christmas Past: A Look at Nike Basketball’s Past Christmas Signatures



Here we go, taking it way back with the 2010 Christmas collection. A mainly red and green LeBron 8, a dazzling KD3 in yellow and blue, and a venomous green and orange Kobe VI. Personally, I like the Kobe out of the three.


The LeBron didn’t change much as far as colorways, but the KDIV and Kobe VII underwent drastic changes (a trend that continues over the years) going from yellow and blue to copper and black; and from green and orange to purple, green, and red respectively. Personally, I like the KD out of this pack, but I think the copper color is a little too dark.


Here’s last year’s release, with the LeBron X staying fairly true to form. As for the other two, you would think a rainbow got drunk and threw up all over these joints. Apparently, the KDV was inspired by Durant’s love of video games while the Kobe VIII was…inspired by a psychedelic snake? I gotta go with the Bron on this one. From an artist’s point of view, it almost hurts to look at the others…


Finally, shown here is this year’s pack. Looks like the KDVI has taken on the LeBron X color scheme and the LeBron XI did the same thing, flipped. The Kobe VIII (same shoe as last year, probably due to Kobe’s injury) is silver, gold, black, and green. This is a hard one. I think I like the KDVI out of all of them. Let us know in the comments your favorite shoes from each pack and your favorite overall pack!

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