Kevin Hart In Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Real or Fake?

If you are told something is real, do you question it?  Do you question the origins of a shoe that has not been released?  Just because someone chooses to charge you $7000 – $8500 for a sneaker, does it make it real?  Kevin Hart recently displayed some sneaker emotion of the hate he has received on his “Red October” Yeezy 2 sneakers purchased from KicksorDie.  Now this company is known for early release looks at sneakers, many times they drop images first, but does that make them credible?  They have been known for selling shoes that are FAKE.  They made a public announcement saying they didn’t know they were fake, but my question is, if you run a shady gray market business (similar to Air Randy, anyone remember him?) and then get mixed up selling fake sneakers more than once, does that make you credible still?  Feel free to discus.

As for Kevin Hart, love that guy, maybe he can ask Kanye if they are real or not?

kevin-hart-nike-air-yeezy-2-red-october-01-570x570 kevin-hart-nike-air-yeezy-2-red-october

From his picture:

“For my Haters…..REAL REAL REAL BITCHHHEESSSS!!!#TheyMadBecauseIgotMineSoEarly#OhYouMadCuzImStylingOnYou #LittleSwag#Connections #HowDareYou #EnoughSaid”

Source: KH