December Nike SB General Releases!!!

Looks like Nike SB was saving the best for last! Now available on Nike SB continues pumping out some of the best looking GRs in recent memory by releasing what I am calling the “Red Snake” Dunk Lows, and the “Bazooka Joe” Dunk Highs. The “Red Snakes,” which have released without an fanfare at all, feature a brickhouse red snake-skin pattern leather toebox and medial and lateral panel, brickhouse colored suede toe area, eyelets, and backing. The shoe also¬† features a very nice aqua blue faux ostrich leather swoosh and back panel, which really gives these a nice contrast look. Finished up with a classic white midsole and red outsole, and what you got is the best looking Dunk Low GR of the year (in my opinion)!

nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-1 nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-2-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-3-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-5-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-6-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-low-brickhouse-turbo-green-team-red-7-570x381

Coming to the “Bazooka Joe” Dunk Highs, which many SB fans have been waiting for, we find what looks to be a black leather toebox, medial and lateral panels, as well as black panel, light blue suede toe cap and backing, pink suede eyelets, and a white swoosh. Also featuring a yellow inner, white midsole, and black outsole, while the individual parts of the sneaker may be a bit underwhelming, put all together they made one badass shoe!

nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-1 nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-2-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-3-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-5-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-6-570x381 nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-hero-white-black-7-570x381

Both shoes are currently available at, with Red Snakes retailing at $85.00 and the Bazooka Joes going for $95.00.

Source and pics via: Premier and Premier