Be Careful Of “Early Release” Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Sneakers

I posted this image on my IG last week, and figured I would cover this in an article.  Simply put, be careful when you buy “early release” Jordan sneakers.  This is an image that was floating around the web of a pair of Gamma Blue Jordan 11s that had the soles ripped off of them, yet the shoe looks brand new.  apparently the quality of the sneaker is not that of an authentic pair although it “looks” real.

This is the part that gets people angry, no one wants to believe the early product they are buying are not 100% authentic.  Have you ever cut the shoe in half though?  You will see that the sneaker looks nothing like the authentic pair.  You will get some replica sneakers with carbon fiber, others with plastic, and others with what looks like carbon fiber but isn’t.  You will get replica / unauthorized pairs with no air unit or the PSI on the air unit is NOT that of a standard or authentic pair of Jordans.  You will get materials and glue that looks authentic but is not actually the material or glue used on an authentic pair.

All I am saying is it is a gray market, if you don’t buy from an authorized site, you will see over time the quality and materials are not the same.  Yes, replica and early release products are getting very good, yes it can be very difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t.  If you don’t have a problem with that then feel free to purchase whatever you want!  If your shoe ends up like the one pictured below however, I won’t rub it in and say I told you so.