Air Jordan Gamma 11- The Hype Is Real.

We are getting closer to the release of the Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneaker this Saturday 12.21.13.  As we approach, we are seeing more and more images of thirsty people waiting in line for this major general release.  We have heard they will have over 250,000 pairs at least of this shoe made, but I am certain they will sell out.  Is it an “OG” colorway? No.  Has it been a controversial topic among die hard sneakerheads? Yes. Many sneakerheads were anticipating the Colombia Jordan 11s since it fell in line with the previous releases (Space Jam, Concord, Cool Gray, and BRED 11s) but that Colombia will have to wait until 2014, my prediction.  Love this sneaker or hate it, it will be one of this years biggest and most talked about releases, similar to any of the holiday releases from Jordan Brand.  The reason why?  Hype.

This is the same affect a new iphone has on the market where people camp out just to get the newest version, yet they don’t even know the features of the new model. This shoe isn’t to tame the die hard sneakerheads, it’s to feed the masses.  Now that is not to say that true sneakerheads won’t like these shoes, I for one, think these are great looking shoes, but when you have the attention of everyday people that couldn’t even tell you what other colorways this model has, or that think these are actually an original colorway, then you have reached a larger audience.

The down side to reaching this audience?  They don’t even know how the releases work for the sneakers.  Some people may be camping out at a Footlocker HOH when in fact they don’t have any sneakers since they were claimed via RSVP or by Raffle ticket,ame story at a Nikestore.  Also, then there is the issue of the fake Gamma 11 market, which we have seen has been around for 4 month with pp who are wearing fakes and early release unauthorized versions.  Expect these people to try and sell these are “authentic” on ebay, kixify, IG, etc, so make sure you ask for a receipt.

Hype aside, these are a must cop for me, as I really love the Jordan 11 model.  The only think I can say is stay safe, stay warm, and be careful of fakes when buying on the resellers market.   -heskicks

Gamma_11_Front_2048x1280 Gamma_11_Profile_2048x1280


Images from various lines across the globe DAYS before the release.


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