Will the 112s Bring Back the Glory and Hype to Nike SB?

The hype is real and it is almost here. In only a few days, the highly anticipated collab between DJ Clark Kent x Primitive x Nike SB will be dropping in stores and on Nike.com and, if the response on various websites and blogs is to be believed, this pair of sneakers will not only be highly coveted by Nike SB fans, but almost all sneakerheads. This response is something we have not seen for a pair of Nike SBs in a LONG time and prompts an important question: Can the 112s bring about a new found interest in Nike SB?


For the first time in a long time, Nike SB is going to be THE big release on a weekend full of heat and, to me, that is very significant.  As of late, Nike SB had been almost an after thought in the sneaker world and, instead of having a large fan base, has instead been relegated to having a cult following of diehard fans. However, with the 112 Dunk Lows it has been quite different. Ever since images leaked of this collab, most sneaker lovers have been waiting to get their hands on them, which is very different than the recent big SB releases we have seen. Just look at the recent Brooklyn Projects x Nike SB collab over the summer. Here was one of the best collabs of the year, regardless of brand, and yet, outside of California, there was virtually no hype for them outside of SB fans. So why, you might ask, are the 112s being hyped so much? Simple: DJ Clark Kent designed them. I promise you that if Clark Kent’s nickname wasn’t attached to these, thus taking away the 112 nickname, and this was just Primitive x Nike SB Dunk Lows, the hype for these would not be there.


So with the hype machine rolling, and interest at a fever pitch, can the 112s reintroduce Nike SB back into the mainstream? The answer to that is actually pretty simple: yes, they really can. However, there is a small catch. That catch is that Nike SB must capitalize off hype by keeping the ball rolling with, and I don’t know any other way to put this, kickass designs. Luckily for Nike SB, the end of this year and beginning of next year has some of the best designs they have had in a long time coming out, with the CNCPTS “Ugly Sweater Pack releasing in December, and the Barber Dunk Highs releasing not long after that. To put it simply, Nike SB has a real shot of making it back into the mainstream because they are bringing out all the big guns.


So do you think the 112s can lead a Nike SB comeback? Feel free to comment with your opinions and stay with Collective Kicks for all your sneaker news!

Pictures via: Sneaker News, Sneaker News, Hype Beast, KicksonFire