Pump OXT was a great outdoor basketball shoe, well in fact a great outdoor everything shoe since could be used even for hiking, that was originally introduced in 1992 by Reebok. It was made with top quality layers upon layers of full grain leather in very vibrant and different colors, it also had a thick rubber toe box protector, Hexalite cushioning and Pump chamber as well. Since than the OXT was re-released a few times and most recently in its CorDura form.

Now Reebok is releasing two new colorways of the popular sneaker, that in fact we took a short glimpse of back in late March of this year, the Reebok Royal/Black and Reebok Red/Black, the upper is again leather in one solid Royal or Red color, with a small addition of a patent leather around the ankle area which is Black in both shoes. This new edition is available currently on for $120.

Release Date – Now available

Release Price – $120

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Source – Reebok