As someone that really cares about all the sneakers from the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s, and especially the ones made for basketball, I can’t say that I am not happy with all the retros we are seeing in the last couple of years. I do like and respect Nike and Jordan Brand, but I have a special place in my heart for Reebok. Growing up in the 80’s was exciting, new things were coming every day and there was a lot coming, which was about to change our lives for ever. 1991 was the year I first saw a pair of Reebok’s, or at least the first time I notice them on someones feet, it was the Pump Cross-Training AXT, of course at that time I didn’t know what I am looking at, or the name of that model, but I remember being blown away by to simple word on the tongue written over a small red half a ball – The Pump! For me at that time, it was like  a space technology that just landed on some person’s feet, and all began with that. At that time, similar to most of the old heads stories, my parents couldn’t afford to buy me a pair, so I spend almost all of my free time hanging in the stores and at least hold the pairs in hand and dream about owning one at least some time in the far future.

Those times were very exciting, Reebok were very close to catching up with Nike and they had some of their best sneaker lines ever created, in the competing race with Nike for any sport out there. Basketball was the King, Reebok signed some major stars at that time, players like Dominique Wilkins, Shaq, Shawn Kemp, Dee Brown, Denis Rodman and many more and they had to create new lines of basketball kicks that will have to win over the fans.

One of the first was the Omni or how we called them back in the old days the Zone line, because there was a lot of models that had Zone in there name but not Omni. For a lot of the young fans Omni was the name of the coliseum in Atlanta which is no longer standing, that coliseum was destroyed and the new Philips Arena was build up. Prior Shaq coming on board, Dominique was the biggest star in the team Reebok and that is why the First Omni Zone was named after the arena where Atlanta Hawks were playing.

Now we have seen the OmniZone l and OmniZone Light retro-ed in the last few years, and that was great for all the people waiting for them for over 20 years, I am sure and I know there will be some more addition released next year as well, but the real question is, are they ever going to release Pump Omni lll and Pump Omni lV? I sincerely hope so, as much as I like Omni l and ll, I personally think Reebok reached the highest peak of the Omni line with the lll’s and lV’s.

With the introduction of the Hexalite in Omni ll and the progression in the design and the Pump technology, the last two models not only had the looks, but the right tech at the time. Please have a look at the below images and let me know, would you cop those if the ever released? I know, I will!

Stay tuned for the rest of the history in Reebok lines.



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