Oregon Ducks Lose To Stanford


The Oregon Ducks are very similar to Sneakerheads, seems like a lot of hype followers.  Let’s be real, there are many Oregon Duck bandwagon folks out there.  Many never went to U of O, and many just really love to be part of the “in” crowd.  It seems that the love of the ducks have definitely spread to the sneakerhead world through the Player Exclusive Air Jordan Retro 3s, 4s, and more recently the green 5’s.  They are limited, they give a unique twist to classic sneakers.  But do you like them because they are limited, or they are ducks?

Now full disclosure, I am a OSU Alumni and Beaver fan, so yes, my view point is one sided lol.  Now that Oregon loses to Stanford, what will become of the Ducks the rest of the season?  Do the Beavers have a chance at Civil War?  What ever happens I am curious to see if the U of O Duck fans will fade away if they don’t live up to the hype, which seems to run parallel to the way the sneaker game is now.  So much hype for sneakers, when the wave ends the true sneaker heads will be left.

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