A few months ago, I went into a sneaker shop and while in it, I decided to ask one of the employees if they ever got any quickstrike Nike SBs. The look I was given with was one of great confusion and was asked back “Nike SB has quickstrikes?” Such has been the life of the Nike-SB-head as it looks like the time of quickstrikes or limited editions is ending now that big stores like Foot Action and Dicks are authorized dealers of Nike SBs, as well as no longer really limiting production on a sneaker. This past weekend, both chains received shipments of the winter editions of the Digi-Floral Stefan Janoskis in massive quantities and that has me asking a question: Is this wider availability of Nike SBs a good or bad thing?nike-sb-stefan-janoski-digi-floral-photo-blue-900x634

Nike SB has always been a fringe of the prevailing sneaker culture and, as of recent years, has seen a falloff in terms of popularity. However, depending on your point of view, that could be very bad or very good. To the Nike SB fan, it was almost a blessing when the Nike SB craze ended because, once it was over, all these great quickstrikes and limited editions were now easier to get! To Nike, this was probably not good as sales of SBs has started to decline as of late because the casual fan isn’t willing to go to the ends of the earth for Nike SBs. This fact has probably led Nike to make this decision of wanting to make the big releases every month more available to the general audience to increase their sales. Instead of having quickstrikes, we have “limited” production of sneakers, which basically means that it’s a slightly limited GR.nsbhioceanicairlines1

In my opinion, the fact Nike SB has been making the move toward making shoes more widely available is basically the worst thing that could happen to Nike SB. As a person who truly loves Nike SB, there was something that was special in going to my local skate shop to pick up the newest quickstrike release. Not only did it put you into an exclusive group when you got them, but it gave you a sense of community because you had to physically go to a skate shop to get those shoes. I can remember driving up with my homies to Fairfax Blvd. this year and camping outside Brooklyn Project to get the Nike SB Firecracker Pack, which was releasing early there, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, as I got to meet and chop it up with some really awesome people who loved Nike SBs also. It was that hunt for the sneakers that united the Nike SB community together. Now though, people can go to these big retailers and pickup the newest “limited” Nike SB release that is so widely available and was made in such a quantity, that EVERYONE has them (looking at you Digi-Floral Janoskis!). That hunt one must go on for Nike SBs is dying out, and that to me is a horrible thing as it kills the community in order to make money.nike-sb-dunk-low-pro-firecracker-pack-1

So what do you think? Is the wider availability of Nike SBs a good or bad thing? Comment below and stay with Collective Kicks for all your Nike SB and other sneaker news!

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