Nike SB Lunar One Shot: New SB Model!

Looks like Nike SB is the latest to get a Lunar makeover!  We have seen lunar snowboard boots, so I guess it is only fitting that Nike releases an SB with Lunarlon.  The materials are extremely comfortable and light weight, a winning combination for almost any activity.  While lunarlon sounds like a bad idea for a skake shoe, considering the grip take could shred the heck out of lunarlon, these sound like they have been product tested very well.  Would be cool to see a skate performance shoe test with these when they drop!

Nike-SB-One-Shot_Heel-Volt-Green_25509 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Front-Lace_25508 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Front-Top_25507 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Insert-Layered_25510 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Profile_25503 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Side_25505 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Side-Above_25504 Nike-SB-One-Shot-Sole_25506 Tech-sheet-final_25560

Info By Nike here:

“The Nike SB Lunar One Shot is a subtle reminder that looks can be deceiving. At first glance, you’d never guess you were staring at the most data-informed, wear-tested, technology-packed competitive skate shoe on the market. Did we forget to mention it is lightweight? What this all boils down to is an exciting new frontier in board feel and connection.

Tested by Nike SB team riders Sean Malto and Shane O’Neill, the Nike SB Lunar One Shot was designed to be ready to wear right out of the box. A padded heel, flexible herringbone outsole, mesh heel pocket and 2-piece construction result in a shoe that has an instant broken-in feel. The One Shot provides immediate comfort paired with cutting edge innovations like Nike’s Hyperscreen traction layer for durability and Nike Lunarlon cushioning for impact protection, resulting in a shoe that goes seamlessly from the street to the medal stand.

For a sneak peak of the One Shot in action check out Nike SB Chronicles Vol. II premiering December 3 or pick yours up beginning Dec. 26 exclusively at”