Nike Kobe 8 ‘What the Kobe’ – Release Information

Nike’s limited ‘What The’ collection continues with the Kobe 8. This breathtaking colorway will be added to Kobe’s 8th Signature shoe.

The Shoe like all the other shoes in the ‘What The’ collection will feature a mix of all the Kobe’s 8 colorways that have released throughout the past year into a one shoe. This shoe looks crazy and will be a very hyped shoe as its release arrives even closer. No one actually knows how limited this is but from seeing the Lebron MVP release this past year, we expect the shoe to be very limited. The shoe will release this Friday, December 6th for $140.

Kobe_VIII-What_The_2_outsole_12529 Kobe_VIII-What_The_2_outsole_12526 Kobe_VIII_What_The_Top12586 Kobe_VIII_What_The_RIGHT_MED_PROFILE_BASE0282 Kobe_VIII_What_The_Right_LAT_PROFILE_0317 Kobe_VIII_What_The_PAIR_0066 Kobe_VIII_What_The_Left_MED_PROFILE_0310 Kobe_VIII_What_The_Left_LAT_PROFILE_0268

Source: Nike