Nike Air Yeezy 2 RED Colorway: More “Authentic” Photos

I have not wanted to post in this topic in awhile because of the lack of real news here.  We don’t have a release date for these still.  We are teased new images every week.  We never know if the images we are shown are actually “authentic”.  There are 200 different “Grade AAA” Replica Red October Yeezy 2s.  So to be honest, I feel this subject should be over with until we see an official work.  On that note, here is some more images that we are told are the authentic version of the Yeezy 2s, maybe it will be a “Red November”? lol

Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-8 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-7 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-2 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-3 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-4 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-5 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-1 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-6 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-10 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-11 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-12 Nike-Air-Yeezy-2-RED-13

Photos via SN.