Lebron 11 Insole Swap! (Kobe 8 & Jordan 2012)

It is no secret that Lebron is not wearing the Lebron 11s, he is back to the Lebron 10 PEs and Lebron 10 Elites. From what we hear it is because he wears orthopedics and the insoles conflict with that. A lot of professional athletes do wear these insoles also, so why did Nike create a shoe that he can’t even wear? I wonder if a “Lebron 11 Elite” will have a non removable insole. Here is some options for those that find discomfort in the lebron 11 as well as myself. The Jordan 2012 insoles and the Kobe 8 Insoles can be helpful for casual wear and performance potentially. Fly around, Fly through, and Fly Over insoles create different experiences depending on where you need extra air.

Iink to my article on the insole swap from the release: