Kanye Confirms Signing With Adidas, Drops Nike

Well Kanye made it official today, saying he did sign a deal with Adidas while he was on hot97 talking the Angie Martinez. It was rumored weeks ago that he could be signing with the Y-3 side of Adidas.  Y-3 is a sort of elite side of Adidas, with shoes costing between $270 and $440 retail.  It will be interesting how this plays out because Y-3 is already a signature brand for Yohji Yamamoto.  The Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the 3 represents Adidas’s 3 signature stripes the “-” signifies the bond between them.  So maybe they will be just the “Y3” brand going forward if this bond is broken lol.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.27.36 PM

Kanye said he asked Nike when the Red Octobers were going to drop, and they told him they were not sure.  Maybe with speculation of Kanye talking to Adidas they decided to move the release back, who knows.  Kanye also said he wanted a royalties, my question is, FOR WHAT? 2 shoes you had a part of designing?  His ego is unreal, and his self of entitlement is beyond human.  Maybe his sense of entitlement is due to his relationship to Kim Kardashian, and how she has managed to make something out of herself for being nothing?  Who really knows the reasoning but this will be an interesting year for Adidas and Kanye that is for sure.


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He basically says Adidas will be giving him royalties, something Nike would not do.   It will be fun to see what type of shoes he designs when his inspiration is purely from the Jordan era of Nike shoes.  Kanye had a lot of success with the 2 different shoes he had with Nike, but it will take more than that to become bigger than Walmart lol.