Has “Infrared” Coloring Changed In Jordan Brand Shoes?

With new images of the White Infrared Jordan 6s surfacing, I can’t be the only one that noticed that the “Infrared coloring looks much different than we have seen in previous releases.  Infrared is a color that can be a hard one to visualize, if you put the color up next to a red, the infrared does appear more red that usual (in my opinion), but when it stands out on it’s own, the color does have a more pinkish look.

air-jordan-vi-white-infrared-vs-varsity-red-2 air-jordan-6-white-infrared-black-04-570x427




How does the new infrared colorway compare to that of the Infrared Nike Air Max?  Well as you can see from the images below, the infrared of the Air Jordan 6 2014 looks closer to the Infrared on the Air Max in my opinion.

nike-air-max-90-infrared-2010-front justene-jaro-nike-air-max-90-infrared




But how does it compare to the original Infrared Jordan 6s? Has the color stayed true to the original?




When comparing the “new” infrared” on a white and a black pair of Jordans, the color looks different to me, anyone else think this?  It makes me wonder what the Black Infrared 6s will look like on the 2014 version vs the last retro in 2010?




These images below are of the 2014 white “infrared” Jordan 6

air-jordan-6-white-infrared-black-01-570x427 air-jordan-6-white-infrared-black-02-570x427 air-jordan-6-white-infrared-black-04-570x427  air-jordan-6-white-infrared-black-06



Below is a comparison from the Infrared 6 from 2010 “infrared pack” to the Varsity Red “bulls” 6 from 2010 and the Infrared 6s from 2000:

8air-jordan-vi-infrared-var 5air-jordan-vi-infrared-var air-jordan-vi-infrared-vars air-jordan-vi-black-infrared-vs-2000-retro-2 air-jordan-vi-black-infrared-vs-2000-retro-1 air-jordan-vi-white-infrared-vs-varsity-red-2 air-jordan-vi-white-infrared-vs-varsity-red-1 infr-detail-11 infr-detail-10 infr-detail-9 infr-detail-8



Below is an image of the 3 lab 5 “Infrared” colorway, which still does appear a bit more red than the White Infrared 6.




So in closing, do you care what color the infrared is on the Air Jordan Retro 6s?  Do they look different to you at all?  I think it is noticeably different, but I don’t think it is  a bad thing.   I like the new standard of “Infrared” and I am excited to see what others think on this also.


Here is the youtube video of this topic:


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