In a time where sneaker prices are soaring, the question of what one will pay for a new pair of shoes is something of a hot button issue. What is ones “breaking point,” the point where one will not buy a sneaker because the price is just to high? This question cannot come at a better time due to the¬† recent news of the absolutely absurd price tag of the Nate Lowman x Converse Chuck Taylor collab, which is priced at $25000. No, that’s not a typo, the cost of a Chuck Taylor is TWENTY FIVE FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS! Every day it seems, the prices of sneakers are going up and it doesn’t look like its going to end any time soon. Foams are now being priced more and more at $250, Jordans are now $170, Brons are $200, and I promise you all those prices will be going up in 2015 as sneaker companies realize that people are willing to pay almost obscene prices for sneakers. So how high is to high for the price of sneakers? It depends on the person but it’s also a bit more complicated than that.


While some sneakers may be worth the money, like the Doernbecher collection which supports charity, this question of what one would pay extends further even when talking about resale market, where prices go from the absurd, to mind-numbing because of the limited availability of the sneakers now-a-days. Gone are the days where sneakers were available to buy at you local sneaker shop at any time of day. Instead, sneaker companies have made sneakers increasingly harder to get, which leads to people buying sneakers to resell them. As was recently reported in the news, two Canadian brothers are suing eBay for cancelling their auction of the Galaxy Foams when it was at the astronomical (pun intended) price of $96,750. While I know there are some people out there who will say “Hey, if you drop nearly 100K on a pair of kicks, go ahead and do so!” in my opinion spending that amount on one pair sneakers means you are insane. But what do you do if you miss out on a release? What do you do when you favorite pair of Jordans are sold out and the only option is to buy from a reseller? How much money¬† is to much money?galaxy-foamposite-ebay-lawsuit

So what would you pay for sneakers? Would you only pay box price or are you willing to go a bit over to secure your pair? Feel free to comment below and stay with Collective Kicks for all you latest sneaker news!

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