It looks like the Chroma option for the Nike Lebron 11’s have been removed for some reason?  It may be because they are gearing up to add more options to the Lebron 11?  Or is it that the Lebron 11 sales aren’t living up to the numbers they want?  Both of the first 2 colorways have not sold out in stores, that and Lebron is not even wearing the sneaker in the NBA games currently gives the Lebron 11 a slow start.

There is also rumor the Lebron 11 will get a Graffiti option soon, so maybe they are just making room for this?  Either way it is an odd move, especially considering they removed the nike + feature from the Lebron 10s and didnt mention 1 work of it.  I wonder what is in store for us.  The Removal of the Chroma option isnt that big of a deal to me personally because it lacked many base colored options in my opinion, or you could get Chroma, but then only choose between 3 upper colors which most of the time wasn’t what I wanted to use anyways.

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