It looks like there is a Nike Air Max pack inspired by Brazilian atheletes that will be introduced in November.  To help these shoes stand out, there will be a Glow in the Dark pair and a Reflective pair.

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Info Provided by Nike found here:

“For talent to be noticed – on the pitch, riding the waves, on the courts – you need to show it. You need to be seen. This demand for attention has inspired Nike’s new Sejamax (Be Max) campaign in Brasil.

Professional footballer David Luiz, world-renowned surfer Pedro Scooby and beach volleyball champions Maria Clara and Carol Salgado represent the Brasilian athletes who have embraced their “Sejamax.” Their “Sejamax” stories will unfold in the coming weeks at

Sejamax (Be Max) Manifesto:

If one could define life in only two moments, they would probably be:
When you find out what you do well;
And when people notice it.
No one but you can tell when and how those moments will come.
They won’t come to everyone at the same age.
With the same form.
The same taste and look.
But everyone will be able to see it when it happens.
Showing off is essential to being Brasilian.
It’s in the way we dance, in the way we play, in the way we score, in the way we win and in the way we lose.
Being Brasilian means taking part in an everyday dare game.
But there’s no way to tell whether you are going to be seen.
There is only one rule: pursue it to the max.

Sejamax celebrates the arrival of two special Nike collections that will help Brasilians stand out: Nike Air Max Glow in the Dark and Nike Air Max Reflective.

Since its creation in 1987, the Nike Air Max has been a symbol for those who want to stand out.

Now with Nike’s Glow in the Dark series, athletes can be seen in an even more striking way. The three models, Air Max 1 Premium Tape, Air Max 90 CMFT Premium Tape and Air Max Thea Premium are pure white with glow-in-the-dark details in the inner part of the leather and in the sole.

The Nike Air Max Reflective collection is ideal for night races when runners need visibility. This line has reflective details on the outside of the leather and has six options in Brasil: Air Max 1 in green or blue, Air Max 90 in green or blue and Air Max 95 in black or yellow.

The Nike Air Max Glow in the Dark and Nike Air Max Reflective collection will be available in Brasil beginning Nov. 5.”