Air Jordan 5 “Inside Out Bel Air” Custom

El Cappy took the inside collar design and ran with it on these customs.  The entire upper is covered in the lining design, which give this shoe a wild new look, much bolder than the released version.  Do you like the bold look or do you prefer these the way they were released?  Either way, the custom work looks very nice.

IMG_4536-copy-1024x682 IMG_4537-copy-1024x682 IMG_4550-copy-1024x682 IMG_4525-copy-1024x682 IMG_4527-copy-1024x682 IMG_4528-copy-96x72 IMG_4505-copy-1024x682 IMG_4497-copy-1024x682 IMG_4492-copy-1024x682 IMG_4490-copy-1024x682 IMG_4489-copy-1024x682 IMG_4555-copy-1024x682 IMG_4488-copy-1024x682

Images by KOF