Air Jordan 1 Mid – Gym Red / Dark Sea Images

We are seeing some images of a new Jordan 1, with a tumbled leather gym red and a (wool?) dark sea upper.  No word on a release of these yet, but if they do drop, are you interested?  On a side note, why pluto in these leaked images? lol.

air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-01-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-02-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-03-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-04-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-05-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-06-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-07-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-09-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-10-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-11-570x380 air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-dark-sea-12-570x380

Source: tabao