When promoting his new colorway “Escape from LA” of the legendary Reebok Shaqnosis a little over a week a go, the Diesel himself posted on Instagram a short video in which we were able to take a quick glimpse on some of the upcoming Reebok retro releases. Almost at the end of the video for a brief second a few of the most iconic 90’s models were reviled, including the Insta Pump Shaq Attaq, Blast, D-Time, Kamikaze l, Answer lll and many more.

Speaking of the Insta Pump Shaq Attaq lV, this was the model Shaquille wore back in season 94-95 when Orlando managed to reach the NBA finals, but unfortunately were outplayed by Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon and his Huston Rockets. At that time Reebok were reaching out high in a very close battle with Nike for the dominion on the court, with players like Shaq, Kemp, Muggsy Bogues, Nick Van Exel  and many more, they were releasing some of the best sneakers the company ever created with the best possible technology they created.
The Attaq lV was the natural progression after the Attaq lll, which was rather plain looking for its time, where colors were really becoming a huge thing. The shoe in two main colorways (home and away) featured black nubuk upper, or white full grain leather upper, an ankle collar pump system that was able to be inflated only by the use of the Insta Pump CO2 cartridges, that were sold separately, but the customer was receiving two of them when initially purchasing the shoe. The midsole had the Hexalite cushioning, with his new placement above the midsole and right under the insole, this way the the response was more natural, impact was better absorbed and the last, but probably not really intentional, protecting your Hexalite from popping if you step on a small sharp object when waling outside casually. Of course the release price at the time was $125.
Next year we can expect the Insta Pump lV to arrive in its original glory, plus some additional colorways as always.