Last week, Nike SB and Jordan fans were teased with the possibility of a collaboration in the works between the two brands. As a lover of Nike SB I will not lie that at first I was excited at the possibility of the collab but as I thought about it more, the more confused I got about this news. The confusion didn’t stem from the fact I didn’t know what model they would collab on (it’s going to be the Jordan 1) but rather what will it look like and what is the reason? For those who do not know, the Jordan 1 isn’t just a famous basketball/lifestyle sneaker, but also one of the most famous skate shoes ever made. Due to their ability to absorb impact and high cut which made it so one wouldn’t just slip out of the shoe, skaters like Tony Hawk decided adopted the sneaker as their own. What really immortalized the Jordan 1 as a classic skate shoe though was the iconic photo of Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Mike McGill, four of the most famous skaters ever, doing hand plants on a vert ramp with all of them rocking the Jordan 1 Breds. Even today, you can see the influence of Jordan brand on Nike SB with Paul Rodriguez making several Jordan inspired P-Rods and Nike SB producing many Jordan themed Dunks like the Space Jams, Concords, and the whole entire J-Pack of dunks dressed up in classic Jordan colorways.


This leads me right into my question of what is the reason for this collab. As stated before Nike SB has made many sneakers styled after Jordans. Also, with the most popular model of Nike SB being the Dunk, which is essentially a Jordan 1 with only a few changes, it just seems an odd thing for Jordan to want to collab with Nike SB, or vice versa.  One thing to think about though is the fact that usually, Nike SB produces their shoes with a much higher quality material than Jordan brand does. Knowing this, is it possible Jordan Brand wants access to these higher quality materials to make this shoe?  If this were the case, that would be incredible to see a Jordan 1 that has the quality of an OG pair!


So that leaves what will this sneaker look like? That might be the million dollar question here as it is an extremely hard question to answer. Will they release what is essentially a Jordan Banned 1? With Jordan Brand already stating that they plan t0 release the Jordan 1 Bred at the end of the year, that makes it even harder to guess what this collab could look like. Will they go with a traditional colorway of the Jordan 1, or will they take a chance and go with a totally new colorway? That’s something I cannot answer nor have the slightest guess of however, I would like to see Jordan truly embrace working with Nike SB and go crazy with material and construction of the shoe! jordan-1-dunk-j-pack

So what do you think is going to happen with release? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Collective Kicks for any other info we get! decipher

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