Top 5 Adidas Basketball Retros

Recently, Adidas has been putting out some straight fire in the form of retros. And they have been worn/endorsed by the likes of Damian Lillard, Iman Shumpert (a.k.a. 2wo 1ne, a.k.a. 21 Shump Street), and Jrue Holiday. Before this however, they were worn by NBA legends of the past and one of today’s older stars. Here they are, in no particular order.

#5 Adidas Real Deal

avery-bradley-jrue-holiday-adidas-real-deal ARD1

This shoe, originally worn by Antoine Walker, was brought back this past NBA season. And I gotta say, there are some nice colorways. When Damian Lillard won Rookie of the Year during the 2012-2013 season, Adidas made a limited release, special edition colorway for him (pictured above). Also, I love the design of the sneaker. The asymmetrical feel is actually really cool and I love that midsole. Crazy.

#4 Adidas T-Mac 1

tumblr_mbp935iJWQ1r99q61o1_500 adidas-TMAC-1-svsm-3

The Adidas T-Mac 1, made for and named after Tracy McGrady. This shoe is relatively simple, but it is a classic. Well, all of the shoes on this list are classics, but this one just has a clean look to it. They made a colorway (green and white, above) in remembrance of LeBron’s days of playing high school ball at SVSM. This is one of the few low-top basketball shoes that I actually like the look of. The outsoles are all flat and rectangular and these are just all-around cool sneakers. Plus, McGrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds, so yeah. There’s that.

#3 Adidas EQT Elevation/Adidas Crazy 97


As is the case with most or even all of the shoes on this list, the outsoles are so cool. Just looking at that zig-zag, pod-shaped traction surface makes me want to ball in them. In addition, the colorways are nice and that hologram on the lateral side and tongue are insane. Reminds me of old trading cards. Worn by Kobe Bryant in the dunk contest that he won.

#4 Adidas Top Ten 2000



I have always been into the 2000s. The lacing system is nice, and the midsole and outsole are just as cool as the EQTs. Combine that with the crazy colorways such as the “Iridescent” pictured above, Kobe’s rookie shoes are still nice today. Also, note the special edition limited relase pair made for Iman Shumpert (pictured…more above).

#5 Adidas Crazy 8/KB8



Rounding out the list is another shoe that was (surprise) worn by Kobe. The KB8, now known as the Crazy 8, is one of the coolest in terms of design (in my opinion). The angular yet smooth midsoles, the crazy outsoles, the prevalent 3 stripes, etc. Plus Derrick Rose wore them so well.

Images via Sole Collector, KicksOnFire, Nice Kicks, and