reebok-answer-i-1-year-of-the-snake-02reebok-kamikaze-ii-year-of-the-snake-01 reebok-question-year-of-the-snake-01 reebok-shaqnosis-year-of-the-snake

With 2013 quickly coming to a close, most sneaker brands have taken advantage of the Chinese Year of the Snake to release a reptilian themed sneaker or in some cases even an entire pack. One brand that we have not seen putting scales on their shoes this year however, is Reebok. Pictures were leaked several months ago of this eye catching tandem of Reebok Classics models but since then no news has been heard as to a release date. With the Reebok Kamikaze 2, Question, Shaqnosis and Answer 10 all having very strong years, it would seem strange for Reebok not to release this pack. With no official news from Reebok, rumors have been circulating around the sneaker world about a possible November 29th release date, although at this point it is completely speculation. Regardless of if this packs ends up hitting shelves this fall, it is still a very loud and flashy collection of shoes that is sure to break necks. Let us know in the comments below which model is your favorite and which one you plan on picking up.  Also,  be sure to check back in the Collective Kicks for all the latest news on the Reebok Year of the Snake pack. Images Via:  allegro