Reebok Ventilator OG – Steel – Emerald Available Now

Reebok is shedding some light on a lesser popular running model , the Reebok Venilator. Personally this looks really dope! Put gamma blue on anything and I will have to pick it up! This really has been the year for Reebok , it seems they have put out a lot of new things , even retroing  older models like the Kamikaze I and II. But off topic the shoe is actually released on Sneaker Politics retailing for $90.

Sneaker Politics :

reebok-ventilator-og-steel-emerald reebok-ventilator-og-steel-emerald-02-570x380 reebok-ventilator-og-steel-emerald-03-570x380 reebok-ventilator-og-steel-emerald-04-570x380 reebok-ventilator-og-steel-emerald-05-570x388


Sources: SneakerNews