With many new iterations gracing the classic silhouette of the Reebok Question, here we have two new color ways that go way back with this Packer Shoes collaboration. Originally worn by Allen Iverson during his rookie campaign, the team at Reebok has surely brought this classic back to life. With plenty of new color ways and collaborations showing off the versatility of the classic sneaker, the Reebok Question is considered a staple when it comes to basketball in the 1990’s. Although Reebok is coming strong with the new color ways such as the Georgetown and the All-White lows, the classics are what revived this historic grail.
In this new take on the classic sneaker, the Lakers color way dons one of the pairs, paying homage to the Black Mamba with the number 8 on the back. The number 8 is represented on the heel to reminisce the days when Kobe was a sneaker free agent and wore just about everything under the sun. The other classic color way represents LeBron James during his days in high school at St. Vincent’s-St. Mary’s. The kicks give a PE feel with the King James iteration having “L23J” stitched on the side and the Kobe iteration posting the number 8 on the heel.
Are you hoping to snag a pair of this classic shoe? The “For Player Use Only” Pack is releasing October 18 as a pack including both shoes with a set retail of $300. This collaboration will be available online at the Packer Shoes website, as well as in store.
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Source: Packer Shoes