Prepare folks, the day of reckoning is almost upon us. In a year filled with incredible release days, November 9th is setting up to be not only the biggest release day this year, but possibly of all time. I know that some people are going,”Hold up mr. so-called-sneaker-writer, there’s no way November 9th will be bigger than (insert random date here)! That day was insane!” And you know what, you may be right! However, November 9th, more so than any release date in the history, has the chance to totally and completely turn the sneaker world upside down and throw it into chaos because of how many potentially legendary releases are being dropping on that one day. If you don’t believe me, here’s the reasons why:

1: The Doernbecher Collection Drops

Do I really need so say more? Every year, we sneakerheads wait in anticipation for the Doernbecher’s to release and this years crop of sneakers designed by the children at Doernbecher is as amazing as we had hoped. From the 10s to the Foams to the Roshes, all of these shoes will be highly sought after for years to come which will be the basis to this days legendary status.

air-jordan-10-doernbecher-release-thumb nike-foamposite-doernbecher-release-thumb nike-doernbecher-freestyle-wmns-dunk-thumb nike-doernbecher-freestyle-roshe-run-thumb nike-zoom-stefan-janoski-doernbecher-release-thumbnike-doernbecher-freestyle-free-run-thumb

2: The NIKE KD VI “N7” Edition Releases

As if Nike hadn’t decided to release enough heat on Nov. 9th, Nike Basketball has decided to release one of their biggest yearly releases on that day too with the KD IV “N7” Edition. For those who don’t know what N7 is, check out the article by Hes on what the N7 Fund is and why it is important. With the KD models always being popular, the great color scheme they come up with every year, and the meaning behind the shoes, the N7 KD’s are a highly coveted release every year. And yet, on November 9th, what should be a crown jewel of a release is going to playing second fiddle. Either way, Nike basketball fans will be out there in droves trying to get their hands on these, which will only add to the madness.


3: Ubiq x Van Vault Holiday Collection Releases

In a year full of awesome Vans collabs, it seems they saved one of their best for last with their collab with Ubiq. For a full in depth preview of these, you can check out my article I did on them last week. I am predicting these to sell out almost immediately in skate shops across the US because these are just that good in my opinion. With their Japanese art influence, fans of both sneakers and art will be wanting these to show off to people. This is almost a cherry on top of the sundae that is November 9th as this will give the skate shoe fans something to drool and lust over other than the Doernbecher Janoski’s.


4: Reebok Answer 1 OG Black, Red and Gold Come Back

OK OK, I know these technically release on November 8th but I am counting it as part of the weekend of November 9th as most people will be getting these on the 9th. For a full rundown of these, check out my fellow writer KicksReason’s article where he breaks these classics down. As a Reebok fan myself, and with Allen Iverson being my favorite NBA player ever, for Reebok to re-release yet another OG colorway is something that I think all Reebok fans will be ecstatic about. So now we got the hypebeasts, Nike basketball, skateboarding, and Reebok sneaker fans covered, so what more could you ask for?!


5: Three New Ewing Releases

As if it couldn’t get any better, it actually does with Ewing releasing two new versions of the Ewing Guard and a just jaw dropping version of the Ewing 33 Hi in purple suede. With the nostalgia feel and love people have for retro basketball shoes, especially the Ewings which are always immediate sell outs, true sneakerheads will be going crazy over these. With the Ewings being that final piece of the puzzle, November 9th transforms from the best day of the year to a day for the ages.

purple-suede-ewings-thumb ewing-guard-knicks-home-thumb ewing-guard-black-white-thumb

Comment with your thoughts on whether November 9th will be a legendary day, or just another great day of releases day.

Pictures via: Sneaker News, Kicks on Fire, Sole Collector