Nike officially unveiled images of the “forging iron” Lebron 11!  So the person that named them “Pre-heat” was incorrect it seems.  Regardless, i am awaiting this colorway, looks like we will be seeing it in November!

Forging_Iron_Inspiration_24500 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_DET1_24505 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_DET2_24511 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_DET3_24509 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_LAT_24504 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_MED_24507 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_OUT_24510 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_PAIR_HEL_24508 LBJXI_PR_365STYLE_PAIR_TOE_24506 LEBRON_11_Forging_Iron_24503 LEBRON_11_Forging_Iron_package_24501 LEBRON_11_signatures_24502 SX4696-844-PV_24512 SX4696-844-SV_24514G

Info per Nike found HERE:

“Before the season starts, the heat is already on.

Nike pays tribute to the process that forms iron with the LEBRON 11 Forging Iron colorway. Its unique blend of colors is taken from the molten metal’s metamorphosis. The fiery shades of orange represent the iron when the metal is at its most malleable—fresh from the furnace. A subtle fade effect represents sparks, while a metallic green hit on the Swoosh represents the transitional, temporary part of the process—cooling to a new shade and finished with an ice outsole.

There are no short cuts to forging iron. It’s a craft, a skilled process that requires a precise application of force and fire to achieve strength. It’s about accuracy under pressure when the temperature is at its peak and is the perfect metaphor for LeBron.

The LEBRON 11 Forging Iron will be available globally at select retail locations and in November. Consumers can create their own versions using the LEBRON 11 Forging Iron graphic from NIKEiD.”


Here are some of the other official images by nike, but it wasn’t identified what these were?  This looks like they will be adding the 3rd option to NikeID!  It was originally in the NIKE ID process and had a $10 up charge, but you got the lace locks with it.

42799_217124_GDC_Sept_Nike_iD_LBJXI_WhtBlk_LAT_spatter_copy_24517 42799_217124_GDC_Sept_Nike_iD_LBJXI_Pink_LAT_spatter_24516 GDC_Sept_Nike_iD_LBJXI_WhtBlk_DET_02_copy_24515 Fa13_GDC_iD_7134_copy_24513