This “Reflection” collection by Nike shoes some new creativity to some retro running shoes but more importantly, these shoe a new side to reflective material prints that we could expect to see in possible future sneakers.  At first glance these sneakers look like a simple black upper on the Nike Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max Thea.  However they reflect an animalistic print giving a whole new look and dimension to the sneakers!  A clever concept on some old favorite silhouettes.  More info below.

NSW_Reflective_Pack_AM90_MNS_V2_24629 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AM90_WMNS_V2_24630 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMX1_DET_HEL_MNS_V2_24628 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMX1_MNS_V2_24632 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMX1_WMNS_V2_24631 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMX95_MNS_V2_24633 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMXKIN_DET_HEL_WMNS_V2_24634 NSW_Reflective_Pack_AMXKIN_WMNS_V2_24635 NSW_Reflective_Pack_FAM_MNS_V2_24636 NSW_Reflective_Pack_FAM_WMNS_V2_24637 Reflective_Mens_Non_glow_24639 Reflective_WWMs_Non_glow_24640

All info below by Nike found here:

“From its inception Nike’s Air Max family has been routed in visibility. In the 1980’s, Nike introduced bold colors to running and made comfort discernible with visible air. Over two decades later, Air Max remains true to that value and uses it to inspire it’s latest collection: The Nike Air Max Reflect Collection.

Inspired by the necessity to be seen during night runs, the Nike Reflect Collection’s reflective elements allow muted all-black silhouettes to come to life when met with light for a bold statement. The Collection includes the Nike Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max Thea.  The reflective taping and under-mesh accents of the Reflect Collection can flip from subdued to radiant at the flick of a switch, making it possible to stand out at any hour, in any light.

The Nike Reflect Collection will be available at your local Nike Sportswear retailer beginning Nov. 1.”