Images have surfaced of some “3lab5” Jordan Retro 5s in a new colorway, does this mean the elemental series will reach further than just one colorway per element?  These may be just prototypes or samples but it wil lbe interesting to see if these come to fruition.  Do you like these better than the released 3 lab 5s?

Rumor has it the next release will be the “5lab3” jordan, so a Jordan 3 shoe with Jordan 5 materials.  As I covered in my video below, the materials mentioned for the Element Jordan 5 was “Re” which I believe stands for “Reflective”.  So we will soon see, sounds like we can expect a 3M upper Jordan 3 in the future.

air-jordan-3lab5-black-red-2 air-jordan-3lab5-black-red-1

Source: Dino Hatfield

Here is my video I made regarding the elemental series predictions: