Lebron XI Insole Swap w/ Kobe 8 = AMAZING!

If you are one of the people who bought the first colorway of the Lebron XI, welcome to the club!  This shoe is extremely nice, very well build.  One complaint I personally had was the shoe felt a little too snug for causal wear.  I found an answer!  Insole swap with the Kobe 8.


The Kobe 8 Insole has more curvature that the Lebron XI, it is also full Lunarlon.IMG_6292 IMG_6291 IMG_6290 IMG_6289

Without the Lebron XI insole, the shoe weights 13.7 ounces, vrs the 14.8 onces it was before the insole swap.  This is not much of a difference, but 1.1 onces does feel lighter on the foot.  The down side is no full lenth zoom air bag, but if just worn casually, you wont need the zoom anyways.  I will have to try to ball in these with both insoles to see which i like better.

IMG_6288 IMG_6287

The Lebron XI insole is also thicker than the Kobe VIII insole.  Because of this, my foot is pushed to the top of the shoe with the Lebron XI insole, while the Kobe insole allows me some more room to move around.

IMG_6286 IMG_6285

I know the Kobe 8 insole is not as expensive as the Lebron XI insole, but I suggest you give it a try, I found it instantly more comfortable!

IMG_6284 IMG_6271

Here is a video so you can see the Kobe 8 next to the Lebron XI, as well as other comparisons in my Lebron XI review.