Is The Lebron 11 The Best Lebron To Date?

Are the Lebron 11’s going to be the most iconic Lebron sneaker to date? With 2 championships under his belt, the Lebron 11 is off to a great start. We have seen many colorways to date so far, with only 1 colorway released publicly so far, but I think we will see many more great colorways to come. Is this show going to be as legendary as the Jordan 11s? The Jordan 11 is in my opinion the most iconic Jordan sneaker to date, and Jordan had 3 championships before the 11 came out, Jordan established his name and his brand by the XI.

The Lebron XI is simply ahead of its time. So in 20 years I have a feeling we will be looking back to this model of sneaker and hopefully it will hold the same nostalgic value that the Jordan XI does.