Not long ago I was in a sneaker shop just browsing around. While I was wandering around the shop, I noticed they carried a few Nike SB models so I kindly asked the employee if this shop ever gets any Nike SB quickstrike releases. Instead of a yes or no answer, I was given a blank stare and the question, “Nike SB has quickstrikes?” Sadly now a days it seems that the once great Nike SB has been pushed to the wayside and forgotten by the hype generation we live in now, but is that really the case? Has Nike SB, which was once one of the most popular and most beloved brands in the world, become just a generic brand that is nothing special, or does it still have the special quality?nike-dunk-sb-low-pro-sb-tiffany

I remember being in middle school when my buddies became obsessed with Nike SB, and was all due to the sneaker that is the Nike SB Dunk Low “Tiffany’s,” which is arguably still the greatest Nike SB ever made. At that time and moment, Nike SB became an iconic brand that people loved and coveted. Eight years later though, those same people who loved Nike SB have moved onto Jordan Retros and the newest Lebron’s and Nike Sportswear releases and very rarely get a pair of SB’s. So what happened? Was this new found love of Nike SB just a fad for many people? Was it just the brand of the moment? That’s a hard question to answer but if you put a gun to my head, I would say yes. At that point in time, Nike SB was still sort of a wildcard in the sneaker world, producing good shoes with other brands like Supreme, but hadn’t really produced a shoe on its own that was an all-time classic. The Tiffs gave the brand a shoe it could hold up and say “WE HAVE MADE IT,” and made the sneaker world stand up and notice the brand. But to the average person today, those days are long gone.  In the era of every single release being hyped as hell, Nike SB seems to get none of that hype. BUT, is that really the case?nike-sb-dunk-low-spot-0

What if I told you Nike SB is just as special as it once was, but  is just trying to keep low key on purpose? While it is true that SB’s are given nowhere near the press Jordan’s are, instead of trying to say that they lack pub because they aren’t popular, is it rather because Nike SB is doing this intentionally? In my hometown of LA for example, Nike SB is still just a huge brand that sneakerheads love and held on a high pedestal, whereas brands like New Balance and Asics are held at a lesser level. So what gives? Well one thing might be the fact Nike SB has really gone away from traditional marketing of their shoes in big stores and instead are selective in which shops get SB’s and especially when it comes to QS SB’s. The motto for Nike SB has always been “support you local shop,” and instead of trying to go big time and sell SB’s at big shops like Footlocker, Nike SB has instead dug in and made it so you can only get SB’s by supporting your local shop, which I love because it keeps Nike SB special to those of us who truly love the brand. Instead of allowing hypebeasts and resellers to easily go out and get take kicks away from people who want them, Nike SB has made a system that makes it so basically only people who want them can get them. Is it due to this intentionality that Nike SB isn’t seen by many as the same as it once was? I can’t be sure but in my opinion is it interesting to think about.MIA-x-Nike-SB-Dunk-Low-Premium-0753

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