Craziest Sneaker Find


It was a warm summer day when my friend and I had decided to stop in to the local thrift store to see what we could find. We had been able to find a few nice steals with various Nikes and Jordans. A few notable kicks that we found were some Air Jordan 13 White/Neutral Grey and some pretty limited Air Force 1s so we knew this place could be a hot spot. After doing our usual rounds, we end up at the shoe rack. As I look from top to bottom, something caught my eye. It was almost too good to be true. I looked down to see the white patent leather staring back at me and I knew immediately what I had stumbled upon. I reached down to grab the pair of Air Jordan 11 Columbias from 2000 in my size! And for only $13! My friend and I couldn’t believe the luck we had. This goes to show you that you can find heat in some unexpected places.
Picture from: SneakerFiles