Hide your wife, hide you kids, and hide your shoes! In one of the oddest sneaker stories you will ever hear, a Fort Worth narcotics officer has been arrested for stealing multiple pairs of Jordan’s after leading a raid on a suspected drug dealer’s house. Being a Fort Worth resident myself (GO FROGS!), I almost stared crying with laughter when I heard the story on the news this evening as it seems just to crazy to believe. According to the story, Sgt Antoine Williams and another officer invested the suspected drug house and instead of just taking evidence, decided to take a little bit extra in the form of the suspects Jordan’s.   I will note that Sgt. Antoine Williams is innocent until proven guilty however, the evidence does seem stacked against him as he was found with four pairs of the suspected drug dealers shoes in his house.

Check out the video below for the original story from NBC-DFW about the arrest of the officer and this insane story.

Source: Youtube
Photo via NBC-DFW