Well-known streetwear brands Black Scale and 40oz have recently teamed up on a capsule collection, paying homage to San Francisco. This collection features long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, snapbacks, and coaches jackets. Each piece consists of signature themes from both brands. White and black colorways are mainly featured in this drop, a Black Scale signature. Both of the snapbacks in this collection are black and white based, with signature Black Scale and 40oz branding on them. The t-shirts, made to match the hats, feature the same 5-star branding found on the hats, but also include it’s own touches, like the bold 40oz print on the back. A big part of this collection is the coaches jackets, made in black and white. The jackets feature similar prints to the shirts and hats, and includes 40oz’s signature writing style on the left breast of the jacket. This collection will be releasing at 12:01 this Thursday, October 31st. If you want to pick up a piece from this collection, go to¬†on release day.

Source: Black Scale


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