DB4s REALLY AT ROSS?? (Air Jordan Doernbecher 4)

We have seen some crazy deals people have been finding lately from Ross Dress For Less, but images of these DB4s with the Ross tags have everyone up in arms about this potential find.  I didn’t believe it at all myself.  What would a 2 year old shoe be doing at Ross?  How many hit Ross if they did?  Just didn’t make sense.  But @cawptillyoudrop had a couple of words with @ninetythreetilinfinity about this holy grail find from Ross.  Video about this coming soon, be sure to check out my youtube channel Heskicks

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Info Per @cawptillyoudrop

“Here it is the interview with @ninetythreetilinfinity about the greatest ross find yet

CTYD: First off where you from? -I’m from long beach California

CTYD: How much were the db4s? -The DB4s were listed at 50 bucks ended up paying like 55 with tax

CTYD: What was your first thought when your saw the db 4s sitting on the shelf? -My first thought was WOW haha I know how rare they are and how sought after the DB4s are

CTYD: What Are your plans for the kicks? do you plan to rock them? -If they were my size) I most definitely would rock them I’m not a fan of stocking your shoes. I ended up just giving them to my cousin who is an avid shoe collector

CTYD: Are you and avid ross/outlet shopper? if so whats your best find -I am in fact an avid thrift shopper very rarely do I ever go to Ross. Best finds Flu Game 12s Varsity red 6s

CTYD: How did you hear about the kicks being there? -I heard about the kicks being there from a friend on Facebook he posted it up saying they weren’t his size and if anyone wanted them they were at Ross in signal hill. I’m lucky that i saw it scrolling down my timeline on Facebook and once I saw it I threw whatever on and rushed over there running red lights and driving recklessly lol cause I knew how rare of an opportunity it is. When I got there I ran inside of the store straight to the sneaker section and immediately saw them still there the obsidian 12s were gone but I could’ve cared less at that point just having the shoes in my hands was like an accomplishment to me alone haha

Thanks again to @ninetythreetilinfinity