These are straight crack!  If you are a newer sneakerhead and don’t know what the command force shoes are I wanted to show you them so you know.

The Nike Air Command Force were Nike’s version of a Reebok Pump.  Retailed at $175, at the time it was an insane price for a sneaker.  These were worn by David Robinson.  I wanted these shoes back in 8th grade!  And I still want them in my collection (if anyone has them in good shape)

nike-air-command-force-neon-6 nike-air-command-force-neon-5 nike-air-command-force-neon-2 download nike-air-command-force-neon-9 Images by nicekicks


Well this custom Jordan 5 by Ramsés is very ill!  check out how close to the OG inspiration this custom sneaker is!  Salute to you man on this Air Command Force Jordan 5 custom!  Now I want to see a Custom Jordan 4 Command Force 🙂

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